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This is me. My name is Derek. I love singing opera arias, modern songs and I am a tarot reader.
My passion is actually the music and I like so many genres of music.
As I'm opened to many kind of music I'm opened to many things in life too.
I practice witchcraft as well, I started to practice it 6 years ago when I was finding something related to spells in Harry Potter style. I actually wanted to know if I was in able to learn how to work with elements and how to work in order to move objects just with the mind.
I was insulted by everyone on a Italian forum and I started to hate esoteric forums for that. :P

With the time I found Wicca, a modern "religion", so I revalued my spiritual path and I found the deep contact with the Moon, with plants and the Sun.
I actually was not a pagan but a "shaman" because I did not found a real God or Goddess but Elements. And I have to say that although I'm a polytheist right now I think elements are more linked with me. My favorite season is winter because I find my gods and my truly nature.
In fact I was born on December 4th. I'm Sagittarius and my Ascendant is in Pisces.